You really captured us. So many photos to choose from. And the way you use light and shadows! These are more than just photos, they are memories. Thanks again!
— The Rutherfords

You captured so many of the emotions perfectly. The more I look at them, the more I’m enjoying them. Lovely composition.

I’m loving all of the little expressions and pouty faces! The last few you posted with the very grainy film are so amazing. They feel very dream-like. I’m obsessed with them. The photos at the main strip have such a cool feel, too.

I’ve always wanted shots that make me feel like we are in our own little Wes Anderson film and you definitely captured the version of our family as they appear in my imagination.

We had fun doing the photo shoot. Your whole process is so relaxed, which was perfect for us.

Thank you so much for that.
— The Clark Family

We are obsessed! You caught so many special moments like the ones of the family, and everyone in the audience at the ceremony. Can’t! Thank you so so so so so much. We can never ever get over it.
— Haley and Keith

We love them all! So much emotion looking through them. Thank you so much! So many unbelievable moments captured with my parents and sister and grandma. The black and white reception ones feel so timeless. There are wedding photos that have a more aesthetically stunning setting, but the couple is posing. What I love about ours is that you captured all of the emotion that was actually happening where it was happening.
— Hannah and Dustin

Oh my gosh! I haven’t gotten any work done today after receiving our photos! You captured the day SO perfectly. We love them all. They are SO amazing! I am in love! All the feels are coming back from the day.
— Lucy and Joe

THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!! How on earth did you make us look good?!?! You have such an eye for location and art. These are blowing my mind! Everything looks amazing. Absolutely in LOVE with all the photos and the film shots! Oh and your thumb drive is 🙌🏻. Thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day - including your laid-back photography approach, as well as helping with the planning and keeping everything under control! You’re very talented and we’re so happy we had you. Thanks so much!
— Gillian & Harrison

The photos are absolutely amazing, as usual! We just can’t stop looking at them. Love them so much. Thank you!!!! The packaging is also so nice. We can’t thank you enough, we are so lucky to have these memories of Fionn as a baby.
— Caileigh + Dan

We love the photos and showed them to my whole family who also love them. Thank you so much! We are super happy and can’t stop looking at them.
— Raquel and Brandon

Words can’t begin to even explain how we feel about our photos. Each photo is as equally as special as the next and all of them could be framed. We are really going to enjoy sharing these photos with the family. I consider us lucky that through what seemed like an endless list of average photographers Sarah found someone as talented as you guys.
— Sarah and Ken

I’m obsessed and overwhelmed and Thom and I just went through every single one and just kept muttering, “ Wow, Dzesika is an incredible photographer.” You really captured the tone that we wanted to create with the whole event. It’s like your photos captured the ideal fairy tale that I lived that day and it makes me feel like I didn’t dream it. Like it was truly that lovely and magical. I can’t wait to share with my friends and family! I love your brain, thank you!
— Sacha and Thom

We’ve looked through our photos quite a few times and we are so incredibly happy with every single one. We couldn’t believe how many wicked moments you captured. We honestly felt like we were able to relive the day. Thank you so much for what you do! You captured everything I could have imagined and details and moments that I missed. We can’t thank you enough!
— Samantha and Jeff

Thank you so much! Everyone loved our photos, and we love them! They are amazing. Everyone looks so good. I absolutely love the photos.
— Kastle + Monty

We couldn’t have been more excited with how the photos turned out. You captured exactly what we asked for, the moments we couldn’t see. You saw our vision and picked environments that worked with our personalities. You guys are really easy going, ‘go with the flow’ individuals which makes the day go by so smoothly and allowing the photos to turn out naturally. A simple thank you could never be enough for what you two gave us.
— Michelle + Jerry

The pictures are... how can I even begin? ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! True... I did not expect anything less than that. After that initial night I browsed through your website I knew you capture moments in such a fantastic, unique way. Whenever someone would even mention someone else taking my wedding photos, I would shake my head saying, ‘They just don’t get it! I’ve got Dzesika!’

I’m sure you hear it a lot. But you are a true artist and you’ve made me so so so happy with your art, words fall short.

From the first time I contacted you until getting this precious little box, it’s been nothing but pure joy.

Thank you for accepting taking our photos on with such enthusiasm. I can’t wait to share them with the world. You captured everyone of our friends and family, exactly how they are in our huge gatherings: crazy, loud, and loving.

We are immensely happy!

Thank you for being a part of our crazy beautiful day. It meant a lot to us to have the honor of you photographing our day. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Just having the piece of mind that the moments are captured in such a beautiful way made us relaxed and very happy!
— Mel + Diego

We LOVE the photos! Thank you guys so much. I knew when I would get married that I wanted you guys to do the photos and you didn’t disappoint! We also love the USB and the box!
— Eric + Charmaine

Oh my goodness! We got our photos yesterday and I adore them! Thank you so so much for perfectly capturing everything.. I’m so grateful!
— Kari + Steve

We love all of the photos! You captured just as we hoped. Love the candid ones in particular. Thank you so much!
— Monica + Brock

Wow. We are speechless. The box and printed pictures were such a beautiful tough and even the USB is so pretty! We spent a few hours looking at all the pictures. You guys nailed it! I really didn’t expect to have so many favourites, so we’re going to have trouble finding spots to display them all! We kept saying how glad we were we found you, and it was easily the best money we spent on the whole wedding! Thanks for capturing our truest emotions and genuine smiles with such ease and grace. We really relived the day through your shots! A million thank yous.
— Mackenzie and niro

Getting to work with you was an absolute treat! Your shots reflected that ethereal, bohemian vibe we were after, but still came across genuine and authentic. The entire process was organic and painless - a surprise for us as we were nervous to pose! You are truly the best - classy, real and super-talented. We recommend you hands down!
— Jody and Mackenzie

There are few types of photographers. There are some that have a passion for it and others just a natural talent. Then there’s you guys. You have both. Your talent shines through in the way you effortlessly frame shots beautifully and not staging. Just catching natural moments as they happen. That makes for great memories. Your passion creates an atmosphere that can even make two people like us (who aren’t big fans of being in pictures at all) cherish not only the photographs, but the memory of the shoot. You guys will take anything that’s thrown at you (like a near sailboat capsize) and turn it into magic.
— Eli and Trevor

All of our photos are so amazing! Very unique and special! We love all the candid ones, and the film photos were our favorites! Thank you beyond words!
— Bianca + Chris

I have told many friends how very special you were for us. You were so professional and unobtrusive. On a day when tension may be high, you contributed to the calmness and realness of the day. The real surprise was when we saw the actual pictures and were so blown away by how you captured the moments. Even the staged pictures looked so natural. I feel that the one’s of Melanie and Tara alone are of another age. The look of them reminds me of the ‘40s. Also the peek at them behind the iron gate discovering something funny makes me feel like I’m looking in on a ‘secret’ moment. The whole party walking along University is also nostalgic in feel. The naughty smirk on Erica’s face as her husband kisses her, and the tilting back with the arm carelessly hanging down, while being kissed are wonderful. So many of our friends who have seen them have said they are the most beautiful wedding pictures they have ever seen. I’m so glad you captured intimate moments of Erica with her dad. She looks so natural and happy. The pictures of eye to eye contact with Brandon and Erica on that day show how much they were enjoying the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dzesika. I believe in these pictures along, this this bride and groom will have felt you’ve delivered in spades what they hoped to enjoy from your work.

It is so nice to re-live the day and to see events that we were not a part of (e.g. cocktail hour, each other’s pre-ceremony events). We are SO impressed with your work and SO grateful to have you document our wedding in a way that only you two could do.

The gift box, your card and the USB are also beautiful. They all will be cherished. We are keeping them in our family room.
— Mika + Duane

I really cannot thank you enough for what an amazing job you did on our photos. They are so above and beyond what I even thought they could be. I still love looking through them all so much! Everyone who has seen them is just in love with them and they all say they capture EXACTLY how the day looked and felt. I seriously don’t have enough kind words for you. You were just the best.
— Jess + Tyson

I’m looking through all of our photos at work and am getting emotional all over my keyboard. These are better than we could have hoped for, and your style completely fit the vision that we were looking for to capture a very special day. Every single image of both us as a couple, with our families, and candids of our friends are representative of an incredibly memorable event, and just by looking through them I’m brought back to those particular moments with a smile. Thank you both so, so much for being a part of our crazy, hectic, discombobulated wedding day - we picked the perfect pair of photographers to document it all and share it with us. With so, so, so much gratitude -
— Cora + Peter

Thank you for everything. We look at our photos regularly and love them more each time.
— Sylvia + Colin

Thank you so so so much for such great work in capturing our special day! We really love all the pictures you took!

You are certainly very talented photographers. We are deeply happy we had you as our photographers! Thank you so much!
— Yuki + Regan

Gah, I am IN LOVE. You are amazing. Thank you a thousand times over.
— Dani + Cooper

The photos are so gorgeous! I love them! I didn’t even see you take almost any of those pictures. Your photographs make me happy!
— Brooklynne + Nathan

Thank you so much! You rock. We love, love, love our photos so much! I am still getting compliments on our engagement photos. You are my fave photographer! I love you so much! Devicfotos you are so amazing!
— Meghan + Paul