- Allow 30 minutes minimum for first look with bride and bridesmaids as well as groom and groomsmen in the morning once all ready
- 1.5 hours for wedding party and couple portraits is suggested (this does not include travel time to and from photo locations)
- 1/2 hour for family portraits (this may vary depending on size of family)
- Take into account running behind schedule
- Bride and groom get ready within short distance of venue. Limited travel = less stress.
- Have things on hand in the morning such as invitation, shoes, jewellery and any other details that you would like photographed
- Let your family know ahead of time where and when to meet for family photos. There is nothing more difficult than to gather a group of people scattered among a crowd.
- suggested schedule:
First Look
Wedding Party
Bride + Groom Photos
-we show up when hair and makeup is done
- consider going out for 15 minutes during the reception to do a few last minute couple photos. The light is good/you're relaxed because all the stress is behind
- Or take a bottle of champagne into the Bridal suite and get real
- champagne/beer/wine helps with letting lose! Bring along for wedding party portraits
- Sending our page to your wedding party helps with them understanding our style and ideas on the day-of
- We love documenting things as they happen. When you see our camera come up don't feel like you have to move out of the way. We are most likely including you in the photo or using you to frame the photo. Just enjoy the idea and we'll do our things.
- which photos are most important to you?