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Inspired entirely by everyone's family heirlooms

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For those whose hearts are in tune with nostalgia

If you read my About section you would've learned this collection is close to my heart, as it's inspired of my own family's photo albums and by extension - yours.

This collection includes the wedding and pre-wedding day being photographed entirely on film.

Camera's used include the legendary Leica M6, Yashica-A, Contax TVS iii. Film used includes 35mm, slide film, 120, and black and white.

What does this mean?

Some of the very same camera's and films our families used to photograph their wedding days in times past will be used for yours.

This is fine art, documentary and memories
on a whole other level.

The results are incomparable.

Nine hours

All film (300+) photographs

Pre-wedding photo session

Scanned to USB

Two Photographers

Online Sharing Gallery

Fine Art prints &
leather heirloom storage


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Documentary wedding photography toronto.jpg