I'm not giving you a list of rules to memorize and follow.
Just an underlying principle which is this :

be yourselves with each other.

These suggestions listed below are simply reminders on how to be yourselves in front of the camera.
Because let's face it - most of us - when a camera is put in our face we forget how to smile.



Can you think of a location that reflects you as a couple? Don't have any ideas? What are your favorite movies? What's your style? Still need help?

We love coming up with ideas based on those sorts of things. If you need help deciding on where we can go we would be happy to brainstorm locations for your shoot.

Being in a location that suits you helps for a relaxed atmosphere.


We don't want to tell you how to tilt your head or where to place your hand.

You know - standing there, looking at each other, enjoying each others company is enough to make an awesome photograph. I would rather do that then force you into a pose that just doesn't reflect you as a couple.

This is a simple "pose" we love to start with and continue with for the whole shoot because it makes a "classic" photograph.

So don't worry about over-posing.

Never feel like standing and looking at each other isn't enough in front of the camera.

Here they are again just standing, enjoying each others company. Same thing as the last photo, right? But the location has been switched giving variation to their photographs.

Looking at each other being cute doesn't get old anyway, right? AWW.


We will offer some guidance in posing. For example, "The girl sits on the railing, and the boy should put his arm around her."

Within this posed idea we give you, you can remember how you interact when you are alone, and don't be afraid to share it.

Spontaneity welcomed. Silly welcomed.

Those real moments you see in photographs are accomplished when we meet each other half way.
You let us in and we'll photograph those fleeting moments.


Nervous in front of the camera?

We are nervous in front of the camera, too.
So our approach is to hang out, walk, talk, get comfortable. We observe how you interact as a couple and as the shoot continues we will provide ideas based on what you would feel comfortable doing naturally.

For example we would say something like, "Lean against the railing, hold onto her while she leans back and be playful about it."

Walking / talking is how we start every shoot.


Movement movement movement movement.

Movement always looks good. Even the slightest of movement. When you hear the shutter click you can then turn your head and look at your partner. Do you have to fix your hair? Are you curious about something you heard over your shoulder? Fix your hair. Turn your head and look. Those little movements, as silly as it sounds, creates natural movement in photographs and a relaxed atmosphere while we shoot.

Little movement like that also can give an editorial look to your photographs.

Be light & the in-between.

Some of the best photographs are the ones we take when walking from one spot to the next. It's the art of the "in-between." When you don't have bags of stuff to carry, it's easier to capture those in-between moments.

In line with this - don't be afraid and stop what you're doing when you see the camera come up. Most likely we are bringing up a camera to take a photo of what you are doing.



Wear something that you're comfortable in and reflects you.

Dress like yourself whether it be casual or formal. If you're going for formal - bring along some good walking shoes for a painless experience.

Some choose to have two outfits. Half of the shoot is done in formal clothing, and the second in casual. Or two casual outfits. This gives you variation to your photographs.

Think about the location we chose to photograph in and dress according to it.

No big logos on shirts.

Take a break.

Take a food / drink / coffee break. Really.

If we are having fun and plan on shooting for a while - stop and take a break. Nothing is fun when you're hungry or tired.


We derive a lot from you as a couple the same way you derive a lot from us.

We see this as an opportunity to really build rapport and become friends. A positive atmosphere and good feedback, makes for an enjoyable experience.


Letting Loose.

A little champagne / beer / wine helps with letting lose!

Don't worry.

This write-up doesn't mean the whole shoot and all of the ideas are left up to you with no guidance from us.

We have ideas.

We've been working weeks coming up with ideas, scouting the location, and premeditating ideas based on who you are as a couple.

Having you relaxed and prepared means we can meet each other half way.



Have fun.

It's simple.

The more fun you have,
the more relaxed you are.

Seems easy, right?

This is just us telling you how to be natural in front of the camera.

You do these things on a day-to-day basis.

Now let's make some art, baby!