For a while last year I was adjusting my business to marry my personal work (street photography, etc) with my wedding work. They seemed too different and it was really important to me that they merged. I needed to do what I wanted and care less of what others expected because I was sacrificing my own ideas which is soul sucking.

In line with this, came redesigning the packaging I give to couples.

I love delivering something tangible. When we work with families/couples it's really important to me that it isn't just us showing up, taking some photos, and drop-boxing the images to you. Along with hanging out and having a fun shoot, I wanted the whole process to be something eagerly anticipated.

When I buy something online - I eagerly wait for it to arrive in my mailbox. I want the whole experience. Seeing it in my mailbox, sitting on my living room floor and ripping open the envelope, seeing the design of the packaging inside. There is a beauty in tangible. Even more so when it's your keepsake from a wedding, an anniversary shoot, or a family shoot.

We spent months designing. We greatly took into consideration what we like and what we felt best represented the people we work with - not what wedding packaging is supposed to be.

A few things that inspired the box was Shadowplay - Joy Division, Interpol, the manual that came with my film enlarger from the '60s, fibonacci numbers, and architecture.

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