Where it all began starts right here...

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My family photo albums.

When I was a kid, I began going into our basement and sifting through our family photo albums.

I can't quite explain the feeling I had, and still have, going through those albums. But I don't doubt that it's the same feeling you have when you go through your family albums.

I felt fascinated as a child with the colors that the film produced, the poses (and lack of posing) of the people in the photos, the candid nature of each photograph. They weren't perfect - they were in the moment. More of a snapshot style. All of those elements resulted in a warm, nostalgic feeling in me.

I feel those things just as much now as I did back then. Why?

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They were taken for the purpose of documenting and future story telling. And when that is the purpose - it never goes out of style.

When I began my business as a photographer 10 years ago, these are the photographs I continually have in my mind and aspire to create for others - a family heirloom to be looked at for years.

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Our inspiration is story telling - not trendy posing. We embrace the real.

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What does this mean for your wedding photographs?

It means our approach is remaining unobtrusive during the wedding day, we don't carry bulky lighting equipment, we're quiet, and we don't take over your wedding day. This results in you receiving photographs that covers the genuine moments from your wedding day.

You enjoy your day - we photograph it.

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What about portraits?

We frame you, and the rest is chemistry between the two of you.

If that thought scares you - let me explain. What I have learned through my family photo albums is that you don't have to do any extravagant posing for a beautiful photograph that means something to you.

Being together - smiling, holding hands, walking - is enough. We refrain from taking control and overly posing. It's a painless experience.

Just spend time together, and we will photograph it.

This results in something that isn't part of a trend. It results in something that you will still love years from now.

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So, what makes us different?

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Our approach for your wedding day stems from your family photo albums.